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Diving at our house reef is just excellent. The house reef consists of a shallow coral plateau that leads to impressive drop-off with a steep wall plummeting to depth of more than 50 meters (170 feet). The reef is covered with hard and soft corals and is inhabited by the typical reef dwellers and the occasional turtle (even on night dives). Note that every dive there’s always a guide, even in the house reef.

Diving in Moalboal is easy and well organized. Especially popular is the fact that we offer 3-4 boat dives a day to our nearby dive spots and Pescador Island and that we come back to the dive center after every dive. That guarantees individual and easy dive planning.

DSD Discover Scuba Diving – 1 time dive only

Open Water – Minimum 3 days or 5 confined water traning or 4 open water dive

Advanced Open Water – Mininum of 2 days or 5 consecutive dives

Rescue + EFR – 5 days

Nitrox – 1 day or 2 dives

EFTR – 2 days

Divemaster – 2 weeks to 1 month training

All diving involves a degree of risk, because, after all, we are air-breathing mammals and are not designed for breathing underwater. If we accept this premise, and admit to ourselves that we are voluntarily entering an alien environment, we are more likely to approach our diving with a sensible degree of caution. We must also acknowledge that we rely totally on our equipment while diving.

These safety hints apply to ALL dives and should be read in addition to those hints for specific types of diving.

  • Be trained by a recognised agency.Such training will make you aware of the more common problems you will face underwater, and how to reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring.
  • Be sure that you are medically fit for diving.  Some medical conditions are not compatible with safe diving, while other conditions may allow you to dive safely with caution. It is important that divers over 40 receive regular medical check-ups.
  • Be sure that you are physically fit for diving. Diving may require exertion beyond what is usual for you and it is important that you are fit enough to deal with this.
  • Thoroughly prepare and check your gear prior to diving. You rely totally on your equipment while underwater.
  • Choose dives that match your training, experience and confidence. Dive within your comfort zone on all dives.
  • Listen to your inner voice. If you do not feel right while underwater, or you feel that you have exceeded your comfort level, abort the dive.
  • Watch your ascent rate on all dives. You should never exceed an ascent rate of 10m/minute when diving shallower than about 30m. An ascent rate of 5-6 metres per minute is recommended in the last 10m of ascent.
  • Complete safety stops on all dives that exceed 10m depth. Safety stops assist with reduction of excess nitrogen, which reduces the risk of DCI. They also slow your ascent rate, by forcing you to stop for a period of time. The rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes at 5-6 metres. An additional deeper stop may sometimes be beneficial after deeper dives.
  • Always dive with a buddy. Your safety and your enjoyment will be enhanced by being with a companion while underwater.
  • Plan your dive. You and your buddy should agree on depth, time, air cut-off, and safety stops.
  • Plan your dive so you surface with a minimum of 50bar. Don’t look at it as wasted air, but as insurance against the possibility of some emergency that causes your air consumption to increase.
  • If you have had a layoff from diving, or you have been unwell, do some easier dives to regain your confidence and skill.
  • Revise your skills regularly. Practise such survival skills as mask-clearing, regulator removal, and air-sharing regularly.
  • Log your dives. A record of your diving history may come in very handy should you ever seek higher levels of training.

Diving in Moalboal is better than ever before and the dive spots around Pescador Island and the steep walls along the coast belong to the best in the Philippines…

Note: There must be a guide for every dive.

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is famous for its beautiful, largely untouched marine life. The small island with rocky cliffs is fringedby a shallow reef 3-10m wide, then spectacular drop-offs plunge away to depths of 40m plus. The cliff faces are a mass of caverns and overhangs, the most dramatic of which is the majestic Pescador Cathedral, a large underwater cavern reached by a 15m wide funnel and descending to 35m.

Most divers remark on the intimacy of the Pescador experience, which presents a constant spectacle of action and colors. Divers are often surrounded by schools of pelagics, encounters with white tip sharks are common and even hammerhead sharks appear on occasion. At shallower depths you find beautiful coral gardens.

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Airplane Wreck

The stable superstructure of the plane resembles the same characteristics as a real coral reef. Inside the plane caverns and tunnels create protected areas, thus providing shelter for invertebrates and a multitude of marine organism. Divers can enjoy the beautiful sight and the thrill of a wreck dive while observing the creation of a new reef from a safe distance.

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The House Reef

The house reef is just in front of the dive shop. The reef drops maximum of 35m-40m . To make a dive at our house reef, just grab your buddy, don your dive equipment, spit in your mask and off you go. Diving has never been easier! You can dive our house reef anytime, day and night (after your initial environmental orientation dive, of course).

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Oscar's Cave Moalboal

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Tuble, Tongo Point, White Beach, Badian Island, Ronda Bay Marine Park, Sunken Island and others:

These impressive dive spots are home to an extraordinary array of coral, ferns, anemones, sponges and a swarming host of brightly colored fish. Groupers, turtles and sea snakes are among the common encountered residents. All dives are superb wall dives, with some small caverns and swim through, an interesting underwater topography as well as the most colorful reef creatures imaginable. And all dive spots can be reached with a short banca-ride of only 10-20 minutes.

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